July 28, 2015

last week: cooking and swimming

We have been pretty low-key around here, which is totally fine by me!  We all know that school days are just around the corner and that our schedules are about to pick up again, so we have been savoring our last few lazy days of summer.

Makayla has been asking to watch cooking shows with us, and she really does sit still and pay attention to every detail.  The girl is a definite foodie, and it is so fun to watch this interest of hers grow!  

She also started swimming lessons last week, and she has been doing great!  Up until now, she has still been very nervous about going under water, but she has been very brave about it and is already gaining so much confidence.  We are so proud of our girl!  Caleb has been such a good big brother - he's encouraged her and given all kinds of tips and pointers, since he thinks he's quite the expert!

And y'all - what could be better in the middle of a hot summer day than playing Candyland in our pajamas?!!  I wonder how many more pajama days we can squeeze in before our summer break is over?

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