January 15, 2012

his birthday

today is the husband's birthday.

not a day goes by that i don't thank God for placing this man in my life. i know it sounds cheesy, but it's absolutely true. no matter what happens, i know that he has my back.

i love how he takes care of our family. he works so hard to make sure that we know how important we are to him. and we do.

i love how patient and loving he is with our kids.

i love how he knows what i'm thinking even before i do.

i love how he can infuriate me one minute, and then have me laughing the next.

i love our inside jokes.

i love how he knows when i'm on edge, and he knows just how to calm me down. every time.

i love how he can make everything fun. so do the kids.

i love his outlook on life. no matter what happens, he knows that everything will work out. he is always quick to remind me that God has always taken care of us, and always will.

happy birthday to the bestest husband and daddy around! we sure do love you!

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