March 27, 2011

we went to the park

well, it feels like winter here today, even though it was less than a week ago that we were enjoying warmer weather.

we took the kids to the park last week to meet up with a new playgroup that we found. more on that later. let's just say that they're awesome. we had a really great time, and i think it was really good for our family to just be outside and enjoy being together.

it was definitely obvious that little man enjoyed himself.....

not sure what's going on here. the pledge of allegiance maybe?

this little girl just hung out and blew some raspberries.....

i think this look is saying "will someone please fix my hair?"

and on a side note, i think there are few things in this world better than baby feet.....

and yes, thomas was there too.

March 15, 2011

random, meaningless, no good, unimportant stuff

my brain is on overload 24-7 these days with a lot of important stuff, and a lot of not-so-important stuff. so, in an effort to clear my mind, here is some of the not-so-important stuff that is taking up precious brain space.....

- 4 months is a good age. they can't move yet. you can walk out of the room, and when you come back, they are exactly where you left them.

- i keep telling bella that if she has one more "accident" in the house, we will find a farm to send her to. i think she's calling my bluff.

- our new front door still has not been painted since we moved back home. and there are wires sticking out where the doorbell should be. how tacky is that?

- the blockbuster near us is closing. my kids will not know what it is to actually go to a store and rent a dvd. they will think that they only come from big red boxes outside of walgreens.

- march madness is stupid.

- i hate my cell phone. it hangs up on people, or makes conference calls, or goes on mute whenever it wants. sprint says it's because i hold it wrong when i'm on a call. seriously? they also said i have to either pay $400 for a new phone, or wait until july when i am eligible for a rebate.

- no one tells you how much laundry comes with a husband and kids.

- i hardly ever wear heels anymore.

- my kids are unaware that the time changed last weekend.

- as much as i love winter, i am soooo ready for summer.

- i don't get to watch much tv these days. so, when i sit down to watch a show that i dvr'd, and the show was replaced by storm tracker for the entire hour, i'm a tad bit peeved.

- you can be the 15th car in the drive-thru at chic-fil-a and you still get out of there faster than anywhere else.

- you are willing to wait in really long drive-thru lines when you have two kids in carseats.

- gas prices make me want to say bad words.

- i really need to start working on my new year's resolutions.

- i need a haircut.

- i want to learn how to sew.

- i need to go to bed earlier.

- mcdonald's mocha frappes are actually pretty good.

- i need to drink more water.

ok. so that was fun. and kinda pointless.

maybe now i can think more clearly.

or maybe not.

either way, i will hopefully be back soon to write a post with actual substance, and try to tell about the more important stuff on my mind these days.
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