March 21, 2013

an easter party

{can we discuss for a moment how she has grown out of her toddler-ness overnight? look at how tall and skinny she is!  no more baby chunkiness!  it seriously hurts when i think about how quickly they are growing up on me.}
{after i snapped this picture, she said "no more cheese, mommy!"}

We have already begun our Easter festivities around here and are having lots of fun. Caleb asks every morning if it's Easter yet, and every day I tell him, "No, not yet, but soon." Then we look at his calendar and talk about how many days we have left. It's so fun to see how excited he is, which of course gets Makayla excited as well because she has to do whatever big brother is doing!

Last weekend we went to an Easter party at a nearby park. It is hosted every year by an incredible organization that our family has become incredibly grateful for. (You can see pictures from the party last year here.) We had so much fun and could not have asked for a more beautiful day! It certainly felt like spring that day, as opposed to today where I think we hit a high of 39 degrees. 

We are home this week enjoying Caleb's two-week Spring Break from school.  We have been doing lots of coloring and crafting, playing dress-up, building tunnels, and potty-training Miss Lady.  Fun times!

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