April 29, 2012

he's four

our little guy turned four last week.

i'm really not sure where the four years have gone. it feels like just yesterday that i became a mama, but at the same time, it feels like i've always been a mama.

dear Caleb,

how do i even begin to tell you how much you mean to me? how much i love you? being your mommy is such an amazing privilege, and i am eternally grateful that i get to say that you are my son, and that i am your mommy. i have learned more from you these last four years than i learned in my twenty-seven years before. you are a wonderful teacher! hopefully, your daddy and i have managed to teach you a thing or two along the way as well!

you have changed so much over the last year! you went from barely talking to becoming a little chatterbox! it has been so much fun to listen to all the things you come up with.

you adore your daddy. he is definitely the "fun" parent - he can make anything into a silly game, and you and your sister just eat it up!

you love to play with your sister, but when you have had enough of her, you make it very clear that you have HAD ENOUGH! if she cries, you tell me "mommy, baby go to sleep please!" still, it's been so fun to watch the two of you develop this relationship - i hope that the two of you are always the best of friends.

you love going to school and to church. you really love your teachers - every morning you ask me if we are going to see them that day. i love knowing that you are having fun and being well cared for when you are away from me.

you love bath time, being outside, bubbles, anything to do with trains, swinging, coloring, reading books, stickers, and vanilla wafers.

you ask for lots of hugs and kisses, and you give them away freely whenever we ask.

you are such an incredibly sweet and loving boy. you've blessed our lives more than you'll ever know. i love you so much!

happy birthday sweet boy!


ok, how about some pics from his party? we kept it small again this year, but we had lots of fun, and we did some good eating, as always!

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