October 30, 2011

the pumpkin patch

we made it back to the pumpkin patch this year. we missed going last year since we were so busy moving back home post-flood, not to mention i was very much with-child at the time. so, it's been two years since we took little man, and it was a very different experience this time. he had a blast, which means that the rest of us did as well.

it is no easy task to get two littles to look at the camera at the same time, especially when there are people watching you and waiting for their turn. but just when we were about to give up, they both gave in to our pleas and looked our way and we got our shot.

have i mentioned how grateful i am for an easy-going baby who is content to just go-with-the-flow? because i am. baby girl just sat and watched her big brother play and smiled at anyone who looked her way.....

October 21, 2011

hanging outside

it finally started to feel like fall outside this week. up until now, it was still feeling more like summer out there. so we headed outside one afternoon when daddy was home and we went just a little crazy with the camera.....

October 19, 2011

fall crafting

well, fall is in full swing at our house. this is my favorite time of year - even more so now that we have kids.

we've been doing lots of baking, burning our pumpkin spice candles, and staying in jammies a little longer than normal whenever possible.

so we thought it was time to do some crafting.

we tried doing a fingerprint tree, and little man really did a great job. finger-paint used to really freak him out, so we are very happy that he does so well with it now.

when we were finished with them, i held up my tree, which i thought at least somewhat resembled a tree.

anyways, this was our conversation.....

me: Caleb, what is it?
him: paint!
me: well, yes, but what does it look like?
him: {blank stare}
me: does it look like a tree?
him: {silly laugh} no!

he was so funny, acting like a tree was the most ridiculous thing i could have said!

so much for my artistic skills!

we also tried painting some pumpkins, because i am not yet brave enough to try carving them with our little guy.

and a parting shot, cause he's just so darn cute.....

October 9, 2011


okay, so here's a picture of baby girl at about 8 months old.....

and a picture of little man at about the same age.....

baby girl.....

little man.....

where are her curls?

*photos by Jennifer Dunaway Photography*
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