January 28, 2010

pants on the ground

no, i'm not referring to american idol, although i did think that guy was pretty amusing.

i am referring to little man.

i walked into his room the other day to get him up from his nap.

he was in his crib.

his pants were on the ground.

so was his diaper.

let's just say, the diaper was dirty.

very dirty.

there were things on his sheets that did not belong there.

he just stood there, with only his shirt on, and smiled as if nothing was wrong.

so i smiled too.

and then i laughed.

and then i took some pictures.

what kind of mommy would i be if i didn't?

i decided to spare you all from any actual images.

you'll just have to use your imagination.

speaking of things on the ground.....

every time Caleb walks by this table, he knocks the chairs to the ground.

if we put them back, he will come by and do it again.

so we leave them.

i wish i could know what was going on in his head!

January 15, 2010

happy birthday, husband!

today i am wishing my husband a happy birthday!

dear Bobby,

i am so glad that God created you! you are such an amazing man, and i am so blessed to have you in my life. i love your sweet spirit; i love that you always worry about others; i love that you can always make me laugh; i love how you're such a kid at heart; i love how you know just how to calm me down; i love how silly you are; i love how hard you work for our family; i love how you appreciate me; i love how generous you are; i love how patient you are; i love how honest you are; i love how kind you are; i love how i could go on and on about you!

just one more thing.....

i love how cute you are.....

(one cute cookie)

(he still bites his bottom lip like this, and so does Caleb)

(i am told that big hair was in?)

(did i mention that he is silly? and a titans fan?)

(promising my dad that he will take care of me at our rehearsal dinner)

(on our honeymoon)

(the day he became a daddy)

(an amazing daddy)

(an amazing husband)

thank you for being such a wonderful husband!

thank you for being such a wonderful daddy!

thank you for being you!

i love you!

January 3, 2010


christmas morning was still pretty low-key at our house, since little man still has no idea what is going on. husband and i are trying to enjoy that while it lasts!

we spent the morning at home, just the three of us, and watched Caleb open his presents.

the first thing he spotted was bob-the-tomato. he gave him a big smile.....

and then went in for a kiss.....

the open-mouthed kind that lets you know he REALLY loves you.

then he spotted larry-the-cucumber, and they all became fast friends.....

just in case anyone out there doesn't have kids or you live under a tree, bob and larry are from veggie tales - christian cartoons about talking vegetables that are obviously a really big hit around here.

he opened a few more presents.....

and then he decided that bella's new toys were more fun. so he ran around and played with them the rest of the time.....

but that's ok, because bella stole his new sock-monkey.....

we spent the rest of the day at my folks' house with my side of the family.

i went straight for mom's cinnamon rolls that she makes every christmas.

bobby went straight for the pigs-in-a-blanket and sausage balls, which have also become a christmas tradition.

we probably eat about 14,673 pigs throughout the day.

we opened more presents.....

we ate more food.

we played mom's new outburst bible game.

we discovered we don't know as much as we probably should.

but the girls knew more than the guys.

not that it matters, because it's just a game.

but if you were keeping track, the girls knew a lot more.

and we won.

but it's just a game.

and then we ate more food.

we watched the titans playoff dreams abruptly vanish because they lost really, really bad disappear.

and then we were tired. so we went home and went to bed.
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