June 30, 2015

meal planning - the why

When Bobby and I were newly married, I can remember my dad telling him that he'd better like Hamburger Helper and chocolate chip cookies, because that was about all that I knew how to cook.  And while he was simply joking around and we all had a good laugh about it, it really wasn't too far from the truth!

I slowly started playing around in the kitchen.  At first, it was with very quick and simple dinners out of the one cookbook that I owned.  I began to realize that not only was I a halfway decent cook, but I actually enjoyed the process.  But even more than that, I enjoyed putting food on the table that I had prepared and eating alongside the people that I care about most.  It quickly became a way for me to express my love, and that is the case even more so today.

Once we added kids to the mix, it became obvious that I needed a plan for my kitchen.  I am a type A personality by nature, so I am always looking for ways to do things in an organized and efficient manner.  But the bottom line is, the people that I live with like to eat, and they have even come to expect three meals a day, plus snacks!  So, if I'm going to have to feed them, I should probably do it well!

As I discovered cooking shows, food blogs, coupon sites, meal planning, and pinterest, I started to get lots of ideas and I tried a lot of different things until I have finally settled on what seems to work best for our family.  And since I love to read about other people's tips and tricks, I thought I'd share some of ours.  But since this post is quickly turning into a novel, stay tuned for our meal-planning-how-to!

June 29, 2015

summer days

How in the world is it already the end of June?!!  This just might be our most low-key summer yet, and we are absolutely loving it!  We've kept plenty busy, but most of what we've done has been by choice, and not by obligation - if that makes any sense.  We are choosing our fun and our pace, and I am eating up all of this extra time with my little loves.

Even though we've been a bit more laid-back, we have managed to knock quite a few things off of the old summer bucket list.

We've been swimming, drawn with chalk, played outside a ton, made all kinds of art, done lots of reading, had puppet shows, stayed up a bit later, watched cartoons in bed, and caught fireflies.  

Does anything scream summer more than catching fireflies?

We've made trips to the zoo, the farmer's market, the library, the movies, and the park.

We've had time for extra snuggles, extra tickles, just one more book before bedtime, lazy mornings in our pajamas, and special homemade breakfasts.

And yes, we've had more time for complaining, arguing, whining, and fighting.  But we've been together, and we've made so many sweet memories.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.

June 11, 2015

sixty years young

My sweet daddy turned sixty back in April, so we celebrated him with a fiesta.  The guys went all out with the food.  They were literally prepping and grilling everything for hours.  We had fajitas for days!  And since it was a fiesta, we had to have pinatas! They were just as much fun for the grown-ups as they were for the kids!  It really was such a fun and special time!

I couldn't ask for a better daddy.  He is funny, he is hard-working, and he loves his family.  He has always, always been there for me, and I am so grateful to be his daughter.

June 8, 2015

ballerina girl

Makayla started taking ballet lessons back in the fall, and last month, she had her first recital.  Our sweet girl did such an awesome job and she loved every minute of it!  The recital was incredible, and we are so thankful for the program that she is in.  There are so many dance programs out there, but I love how this one strives to keep God at the forefront of it all.  They began every class, and the recital itself, with prayer, and all throughout the show they displayed various scriptures that reminded them of the fact that they are fearfully and wonderfully made.  One of my greatest hopes as a mama is that my children know this truth in their hearts.

Her class danced to the "Be Our Guest" song from "Beauty and the Beast".   It was absolutely precious, and I may or may not have lost it while she was on stage and bawled my eyes out.  Caleb was so excited for his sister, and it was so sweet how he was encouraging her and watching for her.  After the show, I went to get her while everyone else waited outside.  As soon as we walked out the door and she saw her daddy across the field, she called out to him and ran into his arms.  And I may or may not have lost it once again!  My tear ducts were in overdrive that day!

We just love our ballerina girl!

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