June 29, 2015

summer days

How in the world is it already the end of June?!!  This just might be our most low-key summer yet, and we are absolutely loving it!  We've kept plenty busy, but most of what we've done has been by choice, and not by obligation - if that makes any sense.  We are choosing our fun and our pace, and I am eating up all of this extra time with my little loves.

Even though we've been a bit more laid-back, we have managed to knock quite a few things off of the old summer bucket list.

We've been swimming, drawn with chalk, played outside a ton, made all kinds of art, done lots of reading, had puppet shows, stayed up a bit later, watched cartoons in bed, and caught fireflies.  

Does anything scream summer more than catching fireflies?

We've made trips to the zoo, the farmer's market, the library, the movies, and the park.

We've had time for extra snuggles, extra tickles, just one more book before bedtime, lazy mornings in our pajamas, and special homemade breakfasts.

And yes, we've had more time for complaining, arguing, whining, and fighting.  But we've been together, and we've made so many sweet memories.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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