November 20, 2012

2 years old

last week, baby girl went and turned two years old on us.  i have repeatedly asked my children to slow down and not grow up so fast, but my pleas have been ignored.  it's not that their current ages are particularly easy - in fact, many days end with me wanting to pull my hair out.  but their current ages are completely precious, and i find myself falling more in love with them every day. 

my sweet Makayla Brynn:

you have one of the sweetest, most lovable personalities - and i am not simply saying that because i am your mother!  everyone tells us how sweet and happy you are - no one can be around you long without smiling.  you have even had teachers in the church nursery request that you be in their room! 

you adore your big brother.  when he is at school, you are constantly looking for him and asking me where he is.  you all play wonderfully together and fight wonderfully together!  you are most definitely not a push-over and can hold your own with him! 

you are such a talker!  you have caught your daddy and me by complete surprise with the amount of words you have.  and you talk non-stop, which reminds us that you are a) a girl  and b) my daughter!

your favorite food is macaroni and cheese - lucky for you, it's considered a vegetable in the south! you seriously cannot shovel it into your mouth fast enough! 

you are definitely a girly-girl.  lately your accessory of choice is your princess crown, but you like to mix it up!  and i must say that i have a blast dressing you up every day!

you always check on us and make sure we're ok - any time we cough or sneeze or anything, you'll ask "are you ok?" and wait to make sure we say yes.  it doesn't matter if we sneeze 4 times in a row, you will ask after each one. 

precious girl - i am so grateful that i get to be your mommy.  you brighten our days and make our world a happier place.  you are such an incredible blessing.  i love you so much!

happy birthday baby girl!


August 4, 2012

makayla brynn at eighteen months

our baby girl is coming up on 21 months now, so i figured i'd better get these pictures up now!  she will not stop growing up on us no matter how many times we ask her to.  i love this age, and i love my girl, and i wish i could freeze time for just a little while.

July 13, 2012

summer time

so summer time is here, and we have been enjoying it.  or surviving it.  it depends on the day.

most of these pictures are a few weeks old, back when it was only kinda hot.  the last couple of weeks have been absolutely miserably hot, and we have been hangin' out indoors for the most part.

these kiddos have really become the best little buddies.  they play together really well {most of the time}, and it has been so much fun to watch their relationship as it grows and changes.

these people make my heart happy.

May 11, 2012

belated easter

how about a really, really, really late easter recap full of lots of pictures and few words?

the weekend before we went to a really fun easter party. there were so many different things to do and the kiddos really had a great time.

and then on easter sunday, we celebrated at my parent's house after church that morning with lots of food (because nothing says 'it's a holiday' like stuffing yourself full of yummy food), and an easter egg hunt.

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