October 3, 2010

thomas the train

thomas the train is a celebrity around here.

as soon as little man gets up in the morning, he looks for one of his trains to carry around.

"choo-choo" is one of his few words, and he says it at least a hundred times a day.

he loves the videos, although i have to admit that i don't quite understand the attraction. it's really kind of slow. it's not animated, and a lot of it is just still shots of the trains where only their eyes move.

but Caleb loves it.

so we go with it.

not to mention, it's a heck of a lot less annoying than dora, or diego, or those stupid silly wonder pets.

so, a few weeks ago, when our speech therapist mentioned to us that thomas was coming to town, we immediately looked into it and bought tickets.

we found out that thomas is actually quite-the-celebrity everywhere. not just at our house.

there were a lot of kids.

and strollers.

and cameras.

and lines. long ones.

and parents, who were all probably thinking the same thing we were.

"when did we become those people who are willing to spend way too much money to stand in the middle of crowds in 90 degree weather to let our two-year-old, who probably won't remember this in a month, see a pretend train?"

but then you see your little man's eyes get big, and his little face lights up, and those thoughts disappear, because it's all worth it.

after all the fun and excitement, and maybe a little bit of heat exhaustion, husband and i suffered a momentary lapse in judgement, and we did the unthinkable.

we took our little man into the gift shop.

this was truly the little kid in a candy train store, and it was not pretty.

actually, it went downhill very, very, very quickly.

so we did the most logical thing to do after an episode of that magnitude.

we packed it up, drove it home, and put our little man down for his nap.
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