May 4, 2014

an angry birds party

Well, since our boy went and turned six on us, we figured a party was in order!  Superheroes are still his main love at the moment, but we went with that theme for last year's party.  So we switched it up and went with another one of his loves - Angry Birds.  There are a ton of ideas out there on Pinterest.  Those little birds made for a lot of fun for this creative mama, and daddy even got in on the fun with the whole slingshot thing.  Any excuse to get out some power tools and he is in!

We still keep our parties pretty small and have them at home with mostly just family, which I love.  I know the day is coming when the kids will want big parties at some cheesy play center, so I am enjoying these sweet parties while we have them!  I love planning them and thinking about all of the details - to me it's just another way of loving on my kiddos.   

And Caleb was happy as could be, so there you go!    

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