April 23, 2014

six years old

This sweet boy was six years old yesterday.

It's so true what they say - the days are most definitely long, but the years are so, so short.

Like most mamas do on their children's birthdays, I was thinking back to the day Caleb was born.  We were so excited to finally get to meet this precious baby that we had been waiting on for so long (it took us quite awhile to even get pregnant), but we were also so very nervous.  I was pretty scared (terrified) about the whole labor thing.  We were eleven days past our due date when we went in to be induced.  Then we waited all day long for our little guy to get moving, but he never did drop.  He had no plans on coming out that day on his own, so we eventually decided that we would have to go in and get him.  I had a c-section that night and our sweet boy came into the world. 

Looking back, I realize that the way he entered the world is the way he's been ever since.  He has his own time frame, and it's not necessarily the way that we think it should be.  But he gets there - sometimes with great pushing and prodding and encouraging from us - but he does get there.  And when he does, it's usually with a bang!  

My sweet Caleb,

You are six years old now, and you are such an amazing little boy.  You are full of energy and you are so funny.  You have the most wonderful laugh - especially when you get a deep belly-laugh going!  You are always moving, whether it's running, or dancing, or doing flips.  You like to sing and have started to request certain songs when we are in the car.  And you always want it louder!

You love your sister and you are a very good big brother.  You look out for her and care for her, and you also tease her and pick on her and try to boss her around.  You know - typical big brother stuff!

You and your daddy have such a special, sweet relationship.  You love doing anything with him - whether it's playing outside, fixing things around the house, or climbing onto his shoulders. He is so patient and loving with you and is always teaching you how to do things.  I love watching the two of you together!

You have good manners and are always so polite.  You thank me all the time for the littlest of things - from making you a bowl of popcorn (your favorite snack right now) to washing your favorite pajamas so you can wear them again!  You tell me almost every morning when I come downstairs all dressed, "You look beautiful, mommy!"  

You have the most incredible personality that is just shining brighter and brighter every day!  You are so smart - I have no doubt that you will be much smarter than your daddy and me one day.  We get to see little glimpses of what and how you are thinking through things, and it just blows us away sometimes when we realize what is going on in that head of yours.  You are the most precious gift from God, and I am so very grateful that He chose us to be your parents.

Happy birthday, sweet boy!

I love you bunches and bunches, forever and ever.


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