September 21, 2009

thoughts on a rainy day

it's been raining here. a lot. all. week. long.

yesterday there was a short break, so little man and I made a quick run to the grocery store. big mistake. when we were leaving the store, it was raining, once again. so here i was, trying to load groceries into my car and push the cart back to where the carts go (what do you call those things? i'm totally drawing a blank right now.), all while holding a toddler, an umbrella, a big 'ol diaper bag full of amuse-the-baby-while-I-grocery-shop-tricks, and a coupon box that I'm terrified of dropping because they are filed in order because I am slightly anal. i'm sure i was quite the sight to see. needless to say, we were soaked when it was all over. Caleb seemed to enjoy it. i guess that's all that matters!

this rain does have me itching for fall. i look outside, and it's dark and gloomy and looks cold, and then i go outside, and it's 81 degrees and humid and i remember that we're in the south. the fall-like weather will tease us for the next couple of months until it officially decides to stick around. drives. me. crazy.

but in our house, fall is on. time for some homemade cookies, pumpkin bread, smelly candles, and some fall decorating. i might even crank up the air so i can snuggle on the couch with a quilt.

i love the fall, in case you couldn't tell!

now, on to more important things.....

this is my dad (grandpapi) with little man.....

tomorrow he is having surgery to clean out some clogged arteries that are leading to his brain. will you please pray for him?

September 15, 2009

my little artist

little man brought home his first work of art the other day from his class at church. it has found it's place of honor on the fridge.

it makes me smile every time i see it.

September 10, 2009

a busy week & a busy boy

this week has been crazy busy at our house. so, i thought i'd squeeze in a quick post and then i'm off to start packing.

we leave in the morning for Macon, GA for the funeral. we are hoping that little man will take his nap in the car on the way down, but we'll see. we'll head back home on Saturday as soon as things wrap up and hopefully be home by bedtime.

i'm a little concerned how little man will behave in general, but mainly at the funeral and burial. he is not big on sitting still these days, so we are praying for a miracle!

and to show you how much he does not like to sit still, here is a little snippet of what he has been up to this week.....

his new favorite toy is his stackable cups. not sure why these hold his interest, while all of the toys that take 27 batteries that die after five minutes each and have pretty lights and fun sounds don't hold his interest much at all, but i guess that's how it goes.....

did i mention that they are multi-functional cups? not only do they stack, but they are great for throwing, and chewing on, and they make great hats!

he's been on some hippo-rides with daddy as the driver......

he discovered how to take off his overalls all by himself.....

i mean, who needs overalls when you have such cute chubby legs, anyways?

and he spent some time in an airplane on Labor Day.....

this little man has been all over the place. literally.

i am one tired mamma trying to keep up with him.

i am also one very blessed mamma.

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