April 29, 2011

he turned 3

i asked him.

i begged him.

i pleaded with him.

please don't turn 3. stay 2 just a little while longer.

3 sounds so old. stay little. stay my baby boy.

but he did it anyways.

he's 3 years old now.

how is it that time goes so quickly these days? how i sometimes wish i could just slow things down, and enjoy this precious time with my sweet littles. sure, it's tough. being a mom is a heck of a lot harder than i ever thought it was gonna be. but it's also the most wonderful & rewarding thing i've ever done. i just want to cherish each beautiful day that i get to spend with my babes.

so what is Caleb up to these days?

he still loves trains.

he likes to sing and dance.

he loves to play chase, and wrestle, and being tickled.

he will finally sit still long enough for me to read him a book.

he still only drinks milk, and he loves him some carbs. bread and crackers. crackers and bread.

he is so affectionate and will give us hugs and kisses all day long.

he loves to count (in his own way). he can only count to 15, so if there are more than 15 things to count, he will say 14 over and over so that 15 can be the last number.

he loves for you to cheer and applaud him whenever he accomplishes something. if you don't do it on your own, he will politely prompt you.

he likes to take Makayla's hairbows out.

he likes to walk Bella. it is so.stinkin.cute.

he loves being outside.

so that is where we spent his day.

when we asked him to sit down with his sister and smile, this is what we got.....


the next day we had a little party. we kept it very small this year, but he definitely still enjoyed himself.

he spent more time outside.....

and then we dragged him inside for presents. apparantly, word got out that he's a thomas fan, so there was a theme to his gifts this year.

he was one happy guy.

happy birthday little man! we love you so much!
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