December 31, 2013

christmas at cheekwood

We had a pretty fantabulous Christmas this year that I need to post about, but I have over 300 pictures that I have to go through first! So today I've got pictures from our visit to Cheekwood. We went a few weeks ago and we had such a great time. Caleb declared it "the best day ever"! There was cookie decorating and different crafts for the kids to do - they just love that kind of thing (and I do too!), so we really enjoyed doing all of that together. We got to see some actual reindeer - they were absolutely beautiful! Seeing them just reminded me of what an awesome and creative God we have! The kids were very curious about them and their antlers. And of course we made a visit to see Santa, who was by far the best Santa we've ever seen.  Not that he's not the same Santa every year.  He just looked a little more real and was a little more friendly than he was last year.  

December 18, 2013

a snow day.....sort of

|they are in mid-dance in this picture|

I know that people in other parts of the country laugh at what we call a snow day around here, but we had our first one of the season last week.  It was more like a light dusting, but it was enough to make the schools close and make the kids happy, so it was good enough for me!  (We just wish it had been enough to keep daddy home from work!)  By the time we got up and dressed and out the door, it was practically gone.  But the kids still had fun running around, making footprints, and putting on a little dance routine.

Caleb thought that the snow meant that it was Christmas day already, so we had to go look at the calendar and have a little talk!  He now has it all figured out and he lets me know how many days are left every morning when he gets up.  Today has us at the seven day mark!

December 3, 2013


Ok, before we jump into full-on Christmas mode let's do a quick recap of our Thanksgiving.  I have come to terms with the fact that I am awful at taking pictures during actual holidays.  I guess I am too caught up in all of the action and that whole "living in the moment" thing that I forget to pick up the camera.  So, what you see is all I got!

Despite our lack of pictures, we really did have a wonderful one.  Since both sides of our families are local, we started celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas on separate days instead of trying to see everyone on the big day.  It's actually turned out to be one of my favorite traditions of ours because it means double the fun and double the food!  So the Sunday before Thanksgiving we had dinner at our house with Bobby's side of the family.  So yummy, and the kids had loads of fun playing with their cousins all day.  (Too bad I don't have a picture of that!)  Then on Thanksgiving day we headed over to my parent's house and played and ate some more.

We did a thankful tree this year with the kids for the first time.  I just put a big paper tree up on the pantry door so we could see it from the kitchen table - it made a great conversation piece during dinner.  They loved it and we loved seeing what they came up with all on their own.   Of course we loved when they named the more important ones like our home, family members, church, and Jesus.  But it was also fun to see the silly ones that they thought of.  Some of my favorites were popcorn, chicken & honey mustard, and dinosaurs.  This will definitely be a yearly tradition for us.

|give thanks printable here|

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