December 18, 2013

a snow day.....sort of

|they are in mid-dance in this picture|

I know that people in other parts of the country laugh at what we call a snow day around here, but we had our first one of the season last week.  It was more like a light dusting, but it was enough to make the schools close and make the kids happy, so it was good enough for me!  (We just wish it had been enough to keep daddy home from work!)  By the time we got up and dressed and out the door, it was practically gone.  But the kids still had fun running around, making footprints, and putting on a little dance routine.

Caleb thought that the snow meant that it was Christmas day already, so we had to go look at the calendar and have a little talk!  He now has it all figured out and he lets me know how many days are left every morning when he gets up.  Today has us at the seven day mark!

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