February 14, 2013

valentine's day

Last night, we got Caleb's Valentine's cards all ready to go.  He was really excited to sit down and write his name on all of them.

While he worked, Makayla played a game.  She must have inherited her daddy's competitive nature, because she looks very intent here.

When I told them that it was almost Valentine's Day and that Caleb's class was having a party, this is how he felt about it.....

And this is how she felt about it.....

So today, Makayla and I headed up to Caleb's school for the big party.  It was so cute to watch all of the kids hand out their Valentine's and get so excited and tell each other "thank you".

He was very excited when his envelope was full, and he dumped it all out to go through it as soon as we got home.  Kind of funny seeing as how he doesn't really eat candy!

Makayla cracks me up because she just walks right into his classroom like she belongs there and makes herself at home.  She doesn't seem to be aware of the fact that everyone else is older than her!

And now I am off to snuggle up with my favorite people!  I hope everyone has a lovely day!

|valentine's cards found here|

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