June 30, 2015

meal planning - the why

When Bobby and I were newly married, I can remember my dad telling him that he'd better like Hamburger Helper and chocolate chip cookies, because that was about all that I knew how to cook.  And while he was simply joking around and we all had a good laugh about it, it really wasn't too far from the truth!

I slowly started playing around in the kitchen.  At first, it was with very quick and simple dinners out of the one cookbook that I owned.  I began to realize that not only was I a halfway decent cook, but I actually enjoyed the process.  But even more than that, I enjoyed putting food on the table that I had prepared and eating alongside the people that I care about most.  It quickly became a way for me to express my love, and that is the case even more so today.

Once we added kids to the mix, it became obvious that I needed a plan for my kitchen.  I am a type A personality by nature, so I am always looking for ways to do things in an organized and efficient manner.  But the bottom line is, the people that I live with like to eat, and they have even come to expect three meals a day, plus snacks!  So, if I'm going to have to feed them, I should probably do it well!

As I discovered cooking shows, food blogs, coupon sites, meal planning, and pinterest, I started to get lots of ideas and I tried a lot of different things until I have finally settled on what seems to work best for our family.  And since I love to read about other people's tips and tricks, I thought I'd share some of ours.  But since this post is quickly turning into a novel, stay tuned for our meal-planning-how-to!

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