January 15, 2010

happy birthday, husband!

today i am wishing my husband a happy birthday!

dear Bobby,

i am so glad that God created you! you are such an amazing man, and i am so blessed to have you in my life. i love your sweet spirit; i love that you always worry about others; i love that you can always make me laugh; i love how you're such a kid at heart; i love how you know just how to calm me down; i love how silly you are; i love how hard you work for our family; i love how you appreciate me; i love how generous you are; i love how patient you are; i love how honest you are; i love how kind you are; i love how i could go on and on about you!

just one more thing.....

i love how cute you are.....

(one cute cookie)

(he still bites his bottom lip like this, and so does Caleb)

(i am told that big hair was in?)

(did i mention that he is silly? and a titans fan?)

(promising my dad that he will take care of me at our rehearsal dinner)

(on our honeymoon)

(the day he became a daddy)

(an amazing daddy)

(an amazing husband)

thank you for being such a wonderful husband!

thank you for being such a wonderful daddy!

thank you for being you!

i love you!

1 comment:

  1. Okay...that is just one great blog! Happy Birthday Bobby! You are a great man and I'm proud that you have become part of our family....or I'm a part of your family...or how ever that works.

    And I just want to say how much I love the "pink" outfit!!!!!!!!!! You rock! I needed that for some of my gigs! And the hair...the big hair...It's nice to know that you had hair at one time in your life! The Titan's outfit...well, yeah. okay. Don't do that again.

    Thanks for taking care of Amber. She only deserves the best and if she says you are the best...we believe her. Love you all!


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