March 18, 2010


once upon a time, a group of men got together to think of a way to drive their wives "mad".

"i know," said one of the not-very-bright men. "let's rally together all of the colleges throughout the land who have basketball teams and have them compete against one another. we will call it a tournament. we can all cease to do anything else except to watch all of these games. we will schedule 32 basketball games during the first two days alone, and it will be pure and utter madness."

the men were "mad".

the women were definitely "mad".

and today, on the first official day of "March Madness", i wonder if i was mad to have agreed to marry this husband of mine who buys into all of the madness.

but then i remember how much i love him.

and how amazing he is.

and what a good husband and daddy he is.

and so i humor him. and maybe even encourage him a little.

i fill out a bracket all on my own, and then tease him about how my bracket will beat his bracket.

i have a very intellectual way of making my choices.

which name do i like more?

for example, i really like the name Baylor. so, Baylor goes all the way to the final eight in my bracket.

sometimes, i don't like either of the names, or they're just plain boring names.

like Ohio State.


so, i'll ask bobby what color the teams are.

he will then give me this look, and then shake his head at the absurdity that is his wife.

but i know deep down, he's a little nervous about my system, and scared that if my bracket does happen to win, he will never, ever hear the end of it.

at least this "madness" will end in three weeks.

and then i'll have my husband back.

until then, if i'm a little "mad" at times, you'll know why!

1 comment:

  1. great post!

    P.s...I bet your system will win.


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