April 8, 2010

a fantabulous Easter

we had such a wonderful easter.

the weather was perfect.

the food was yummy.

husband had the entire day off of work.

we were with family.

and we got to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. what could be more wonderful than that?

we gathered at my parent's house. they just finished having a new and much bigger deck built on, so there is no furniture or anything yet. that equalled one enormous playground for little man.

he ran all around that thing as fast as his little legs would take him.

and since he does not like the way grass feels (i think this has to do with his sensory issues), we decided to hide the eggs on the deck and let him have at it.....

he did not want to put the eggs into his basket. he wanted to make a pile of them next to the basket.....

and then he discovered that there were snacks inside, and he had to try them out.....

and on a sidenote: my husband would like to make sure that everyone is aware that the outfit was my idea, not his. he simply went along with it because he's a good guy like that!

and here is my brother sporting another wonderful fashion statement.....

at least the basket was used for something!

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