April 22, 2010


happy birthday, baby boy!

two years ago today, your nervous mommy and daddy were sitting in a hospital room waiting for you to make your appearance.

how did you go from this.....

to this.....

while we blinked our eyes?

you have forever blessed our lives, and made us into this little family that is so precious to us.

here are some things you are up to these days.....

you do not like to see shoes left out. you will carry our shoes to us, one by one, for us to put away.

you must wear a onesie under all of your clothes, because you like to take your pants off.....and then your diaper as well. not sure what we will do when you master the onesie snaps!

your favorite foods are fish sticks, bread, cheese, bread, hot dogs, bread, grapes, and bread. but really, you are not a big eater and would be fine with a milk-only diet.

you still refuse a sippy cup, but we just found out you are tongue-tied, so maybe this is the reason?

you like to play under the kitchen table.

you like to get out all of the tupperware tops and make piles. in the middle of the kitchen. while i cook.

you like to watch thomas the train, little bear, winnie the pooh, diego, and dora. you give dora kisses on the tv. i try to not get jealous.

these are some of your nicknames: little man, baby boy, doodle bug, sweet boy, punkin' head, curly fry.

you love being outside.

you could swing for hours.

you babble in your crib a lot before you fall asleep. apparently, you just have a lot to say. i love to listen to you, because you always sound so happy.

you like to throw bella's ball for her.

you HATE having your teeth brushed. you would think that we soak your toothbrush in gasoline by the way that you act!

if you are not wearing shoes, you will not wear socks. you put your foot up to your mouth, grip the sock in your teeth, and then yank it off.

you clap all the time. anything that makes you happy gets a clap.

you bite your nails. who knew kids could do that this early?

you hate for us to fix your hair. and who can really blame you.....it's not easy! there is a lot of it! (mommy is trying to convince daddy to let us cut it. i think he's caving in!)

you like to give open-mouth kisses, and you love to be hugged.

we love you so very much, baby boy!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday little man. Just to let you know...your mom has that biting the finger nail habit too.


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