March 15, 2011

random, meaningless, no good, unimportant stuff

my brain is on overload 24-7 these days with a lot of important stuff, and a lot of not-so-important stuff. so, in an effort to clear my mind, here is some of the not-so-important stuff that is taking up precious brain space.....

- 4 months is a good age. they can't move yet. you can walk out of the room, and when you come back, they are exactly where you left them.

- i keep telling bella that if she has one more "accident" in the house, we will find a farm to send her to. i think she's calling my bluff.

- our new front door still has not been painted since we moved back home. and there are wires sticking out where the doorbell should be. how tacky is that?

- the blockbuster near us is closing. my kids will not know what it is to actually go to a store and rent a dvd. they will think that they only come from big red boxes outside of walgreens.

- march madness is stupid.

- i hate my cell phone. it hangs up on people, or makes conference calls, or goes on mute whenever it wants. sprint says it's because i hold it wrong when i'm on a call. seriously? they also said i have to either pay $400 for a new phone, or wait until july when i am eligible for a rebate.

- no one tells you how much laundry comes with a husband and kids.

- i hardly ever wear heels anymore.

- my kids are unaware that the time changed last weekend.

- as much as i love winter, i am soooo ready for summer.

- i don't get to watch much tv these days. so, when i sit down to watch a show that i dvr'd, and the show was replaced by storm tracker for the entire hour, i'm a tad bit peeved.

- you can be the 15th car in the drive-thru at chic-fil-a and you still get out of there faster than anywhere else.

- you are willing to wait in really long drive-thru lines when you have two kids in carseats.

- gas prices make me want to say bad words.

- i really need to start working on my new year's resolutions.

- i need a haircut.

- i want to learn how to sew.

- i need to go to bed earlier.

- mcdonald's mocha frappes are actually pretty good.

- i need to drink more water.

ok. so that was fun. and kinda pointless.

maybe now i can think more clearly.

or maybe not.

either way, i will hopefully be back soon to write a post with actual substance, and try to tell about the more important stuff on my mind these days.

1 comment:

  1. Loved your post Amber! Made me laugh this morning and at the same time made me realize that I know you have to be stressed with all that has and is going on. Praying for you and hope you get a break from all the craziness.


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