July 6, 2015

fourth of july

We had a really fun fourth of July this year! We were sad that daddy had to work, but the kids are always excited to go over to my folks' house to see our "big family", which is what they call it when we're going to see aunts, and uncles, and cousins too! We had our usual cookout over there and followed up dinner with a really yummy ice cream sundae bar. Makayla probably had more sprinkles than ice cream in her bowl, so she was a happy camper!

My parent's neighborhood always does a really great fireworks show, but it ended up raining quite a bit that night, so they didn't get to do them. The kids were pretty heartbroken over it and quite a few tears were shed! But they ended up doing them on Sunday night instead, so we headed back over there again to watch. It was such a good show, and the kiddos were happy!

We are so blessed to be able to celebrate this country that we live in!

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