August 25, 2015

last week: relaxing and reminiscing

Last week was a pretty standard one around here.  We are still getting back into our afternoon routines on school days.  Second grade homework has been a little more time-consuming than we are used to, so it has been a bit of an adjustment for all of us as we figure out what is working and what things we need to change.

By the time the weekend rolled around, we were all craving some downtime!  Bobby actually had the entire weekend off of work, which almost never happens, so we soaked up every last minute with him!  We did a lot of reading and crafting and laying around, and we grilled out for every meal.  It was a perfect summer weekend.

We did sneak out for a couple of hours on Saturday to take the kids to our old stomping grounds.  Many years ago, Bobby and I both worked at a restaurant located in a nearby shopping mall, which is where the two of us met.  The mall has been empty for years, and they are finally tearing it all down and making way for all things new.  We wanted to get a few pics outside of it before it was too late!  Even though we drive by all of the time, it had been so long since either of us had seen it up close.  We had fun reminiscing together about days gone by!

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