August 7, 2015

friday favorites: food for college

| Christian at my college graduation when he was only seven |

My baby brother graduated from high school this year, and he is off to college in a couple of weeks.  I am so excited for him and this next stage of his life, but I sure am going to miss him!  And I know my kids will too!  They absolutely adore their Uncle Christian, and it is going to be a huge adjustment for our entire family to not have him around as much.

Since I love my brother, and I love to cook, I asked him what some of his favorite foods were that I could make for him to take when he leaves.  So he gave me his top five requests, and I plan to make them all this week and freeze everything so it will be ready to go!

| image via jo cooks |

These are similar to hot pockets and make a great snack or lunch.  I've made them before and frozen them individually and they reheat really well.  I think this time I may try making some with eggs for a breakfast version.

These are requested by both of my brothers all the time!  They are made in the bread machine and are fairly easy to make.  We like the everything version - I mix up grated parmesan cheese, dried minced onion, sesame seeds and/or poppy seeds, and a little bit of garlic salt.  On days when you're not counting calories and need an extra yummy snack, slather on some cream cheese and have a tall glass of sweetened iced tea!

3. Cinnamon Rolls

| Makayla takes her cinnamon rolls very seriously |

I normally make this version because it uses the bread machine and is so easy to make, but this version is incredibly good and is definitely worth the extra work when I have time!  Either way, you can't go wrong with cinnamon rolls as far as I'm concerned!

4. Country-Style Chocolate Chip Cookies

| Caleb, back when he had crazy hair and he still ate cookies |

My mom has made these for as long as I can remember and they are seriously the best!  I have looked around online to find a similar recipe but I came up empty, so I will just have to share her's sometime soon!

I was surprised by this request, but I guess there isn't a better comfort food than soup!  I love to make big batches of this and then portion it out and freeze it to have on hand.  It's so nice to be able to quickly heat some up when someone is sick or just craving soup!

So that's what I'll be cooking up this week for my kid brother's college days!

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