August 17, 2015

last week: my brother and college

This last weekend, I went away with my parents to get my little brother all settled into his new college digs.

I swear it feels like he was born just yesterday.

In actuality, I was fifteen years old and my brother, JaiSun, was twelve when Christian was born. He was an incredible surprise, but we couldn't have been happier. And it turns out, as is always the case, that God, in His infinite wisdom, knew the best way to complete our little family. I cannot imagine us without him.

Somehow, the years have passed by, and he is now old enough to have graduated high school and is going away to college. It was so much fun to spend the weekend with him and get to see where he'll be staying. Even though he's my brother, I can't help but want to mother him just a little, so it was nice to be able to help my parents get him all set up.

So that was my week! My awesome hubby did a great job of holding down the fort while I was away, and now we are back into the normal swing of things around here!

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