February 28, 2017

all about ashlynn

This month, I've been talking about each of my sweet kiddos.  If you missed it, you can read all about Caleb here and all about Makayla here.  Today is all about our sweet little bookend, Ashlynn Bree,

This precious girl can light up a room with her smile.  All you have to do is glance in her general direction and she will give you one of her big old grins, and you just cannot help but smile back.  Also, her dimples totally make me swoon.

She adores her brother and sister.  As soon as she hears their voices, she will start kicking and looking around for them.  She will just sit and watch them play around her, and you just know that she cannot wait to be right there playing along with them.

She loves her daddy.  She will slap her little hands on his face because she just gets so excited to see him.  They're her little love pats for him!  I'm sure that she will grow up to be a daddy's girl just like her big sister.

She loves to eat, she loves bath time, she loves silly songs, and she loves being tickled.  She has the most beautiful curly hair, the funniest little giggle, and she has rolls for days.

She is very vocal, which I guess you have to be at our house!  She will sometimes just sit there and scream - happy screams, but wow, can she get loud!  It's as if she's saying, "Hey guys!  Here I am!"  So yes, we have three very vocal, very loud children.  (We also buy our tylenol in bulk at Costco.  ;))

She is just the most precious baby girl, and she brings so much joy to our days.  Makayla always says that our family is like a puzzle and Ashlynn was our missing piece, and I think that sums us up pretty perfectly.  She completed our little family, and we simply could not love her more.

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