February 6, 2017

last week: the glorious lack of plans

This last week was a slow one around here,  Well, I should say it was slow for the kids and me.  It's been a busy couple of weeks at work for Bobby!  It's rare that a week comes along where we don't have much planned, so when it does, I have learned to really appreciate it!

We took a break from the playing on Saturday to give Caleb a much-needed haircut.  He despises haircuts, so we put them off as long as possible!  While Caleb suffered through that, the girls played on our bed and took selfies.  I have a million pictures on my phone that look similar to this.....

After that, these four snuggled up to watch Star Wars.  Bobby has been so excited to go through all of them with the kiddos.  They are on Episode IV right now and they are loving it!  Star Wars is not my thing (I know I probably shouldn't admit that!), so when Ashlynn started fussing after two point five minutes of sitting still, she and I went off and did some housework.  Because yes, I would rather do laundry than watch Star Wars!

And while everyone else in the country, and my husband, was watching some football game that is apparently a big deal, the big kids and I snuggled up and read through a few books together.

Don't worry, I totally dvr'd the game so that I can fast-forward through it and watch all of the commercials later!

And that, my friends, is how we did a lot of nothing this weekend.  It looks like this week will require a bit more from us, so here goes!

Happy Monday, friends!

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