February 9, 2017

all about caleb

I thought I would do a few posts this month that focus on each of the kiddos and what they are up to right now.  So today is all about my big, little man, Caleb!

He is a deep thinker and he asks a lot of questions.  So. Many. Questions.  It can sometimes be difficult for me to know how to answer him in a way that will satisfy him, because he and I think in very different ways.  But I love getting little glimpses into his thinking and seeing how his brain works.  He pushes me to think outside of the box, and I am so grateful to him for that.

He could build with legos all day, every day.  He got so many new sets for Christmas and had them all built the next day.  He is very proud of all of his creations and thinks that we should replace all of my decor with them!

He is such a good big brother!  Of course, he has his moments, and yes, those two little sisters can drive him crazy at times, but he really takes his job very seriously.  He knows that being the oldest brother means that he gets to be the leader and a protector, and he knows that his sisters will always look up to him.  We are so proud of him and how he has really embraced this role.

He wants to play basketball when he grows up like Michael Jordan, and he thinks that he won't need to know math for this.  He makes this argument every day to try and get out of doing his math work, but I have yet to fall for it.

He is so funny!  I love getting to see how he has developed this really fun sense of humor.  Not only is he starting to "get" our jokes and our sarcasm, but he is starting to dish it out as well!  There is a lot of laughing going on around here!

He is always very concerned about other people and their feelings.  If he thinks that he did something to hurt someone, it really bothers him.  Even if he accidentally hurts one of his sisters, he is very hard on himself about it.    

I feel like he is losing his little boyness, and while it is breaking my heart, it is also pretty incredible to watch these little people become big people.  We are so proud of him and the little man that he is growing into.  I thank God every day that I get to be his momma. 

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