February 16, 2017

all about makayla

This month, I am doing blog posts on each of the kiddos.  Last week, I talked all about Caleb, and today is all about my sweet girl, Makayla.

Makayla is a girly-girl.  She loves a twirly dress, having her nails painted, and she throws a mean tea party.  But she doesn't mind playing in the dirt and mud or breaking into a sweat.  She can hang with a bunch of boys with no problem, but she is no pushover, and she will let the boys, or her brother, know it!

She loves food.  Like she really loves food.  If she's not in the kitchen with me then she is probably in her play kitchen cooking up something.  She loves to look through cookbooks and she would choose to watch a cooking show over a cartoon.

She is so smart - she is constantly amazing us with how she puts things together or the big words that she uses.  She loves to learn and she asks a lot of questions.  I've often wondered what her daily word count is because man alive, can this girl talk!  She knows it too!  If for some strange reason she is ever quiet for a few minutes, she will notice and say, "Wow mom!  I've been quiet for a really long time!"

She is an awesome sister!  She loves her brother and always wants to play with him, and she loves helping with the baby and she has great little maternal instincts already.  I feel like she's not quite a typical middle child, at least at this point, because there is such a big age gap between her and Ashlynn (5 1/2 years).  But I do think that she has a great personality for a middle child - there is no way she will every get lost in the middle!  She is stubborn and loud and so very vocal - this middle sister always makes her wonderful presence known!

She loves to draw and do any kind of craft.  She could eat mac & cheese or spaghetti all day, every day.  She hates chocolate.  She loves doing ballet and showing off her moves.  She likes her hair pulled up at all times, but she will humor me and leave it down on occasion.  She loves listening to princess music, and she can sing "Let it Go" with the best of them.  

She is just the sweetest girl.  She has a very sensitive heart and is kind to everyone she meets.  There isn't a shy bone in her body.  She has a quiet confidence in herself that I truly believe will take her far in life.

She is growing up way too quickly!  She is beautiful inside and out, and we are so proud of our precious girl!  I am so very grateful that I get to be her momma.

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