March 1, 2017

february 2017 book review

Woohoo!  It's time for another book review!

This month I read two books, and I really enjoyed them both.

by Lynn Austin

This book told the stories of four women and how they each impacted the next generation.  It makes you think about how what you believe and the choices you make can have such lasting effects.  A beautiful story of God's grace being evident in each of their lives.  This was my first Lynn Austin book to read, but I will definitely be reading more!

by Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone

This book went through how to analyze books and play "detective" to find deeper meanings.  It was very eye-opening for me, as I don't typically approach fiction in the way that they suggest.  I learned so many tools that I am excited to put to use with some of the reading that the kids and I are doing.

So that's it!  Another month of reading is "in the books"!

(To read January's Book Review, go here.)

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