August 5, 2009

sleeping boy

this is how little man sleeps.

he will not let us put a blanket over him. he will immediately pull it off, lay on top of it, and stick his bum up in the air.

i don't normally wake him from his naps, but on this day, we had to be somewhere. so, i thought i'd take the opportunity to snap a few pictures first.

and that would be him telling me we're done with the photo shoot!

1 comment:

  1. Hi. I got to your blog through a comment on Darby's. Your little man is too cute. I had to comment because it cracked me up to see the way he sleeps. My little man is 13 months old and he does the exact same thing. He sleeps on top of his blanket and sticks his bum up in the air too. His arms are even under him just like that. Hilarious. I love little boys.


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