August 20, 2009

no green-thumbs here

this was our first year to attempt to plant a tiny garden all on our own. in the past, my dad has brought us plants and helped us plant them. this year, we went to lowe's and bought the plants ourselves and we planted them with high hopes that were tragically squashed right before our eyes. we planted tomatoes, jalapenos, different herbs, and some red flowers that i can't think of the name for.

what we thought was oregano ended up being tarragon, and i do not use tarragon very much at all, so it hasn't been much good to us.

we had no idea that you have to keep cilantro trimmed. apparently, if you don't, it turns into some kind of flower and then dies?!

our red flowers also died, for the most part. we aren't sure what happened there. maybe it was just too much sun, or not enough?

so all that to say, we were ecstatic when we were finally able to gather all of this from our sad little garden.....

and yes, we are aware that this is August, and we are just now growing this, but we are excited, nonetheless.

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