August 10, 2009

it's back

football, that is.

i have a love-hate relationship with the sport.

we are BIG
titans fans around here, and we are blessed enough to be able to go to a lot of the games, which is one of my favorite things to do with my husband. we have had the same seats ever since our stadium opened, so we have sat with a lot of the same people for years. we have made a lot of friends; we have watched their children grow up; we have tailgated in all kinds of weather; we have cheered and yelled until we went hoarse; we have won, and we have lost; and we have had a whole lot of fun.

now for the hate aspect of the relationship. football is on at least 4 days a week - if you count college (which in this house, we definitely do). so once the season starts, it STARTS. it is here with a vengeance. there is rarely a time during the season when our tv is not either showing a game, or showing a program that is talking about a game. i understand that this is a great love of Bobby's, so I try to go along with it and stay in good spirits, because Bobby is a great love of mine. but in all honesty, by february, i will be counting down the days to the super bowl. not because i will be excited to see the game, but because that is when the off-season begins, and i will have 5 months of a sports-free atmosphere in our home (except for the pro-bowl, and march-madness, and nba playoffs, and the occasional golf tournament, and did i say 5 months sports-free? i don't know what i was thinking).

anyways, last night the titans played buffalo and won, so to kick off the season, we had a few people over. we grilled a LOT of food, and watched the game. i was having too much fun, and forgot to take any pictures until the end, so.....

here is the newest member of the family, my little nephew, not-watching the game.....

and here is Bella with her daddy (who, of course, is watching the game).....

**disclaimer: in all fairness to my husband, i must point out that the amount of sports that i am claiming is watched by him may be slightly exaggerated for dramatic effect. **

1 comment:

  1. Be thankful. If you were at my house you would have to watch baseball all the time...and I KNOW how much you love baseball!!!!!!!


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