July 30, 2009


yes, Caleb got his haircut today (his 4th in his short 15-month life) and he hated every minute of it!

this little man has too much to do and see that he simply cannot sit still unless he is eating, and sometimes not even then.

so, i tried to feed him goldfish to get him to sit in the chair, but that was a no-go.

so, what's a mommy to do? why, put a smock on the both of us, hold him in my lap, and sing "the wheels on the bus" a few gazillion times to try and keep his hands occupied, of course!

the woman cutting his hair didn't seem the least bit phased by his behavior. i, on the other hand, was completely stressed out by the time we were finished, and found myself thinking about all of the patience these women must have to work there - this is a kids only salon. but she does a wonderful job, and hopefully Caleb will be a little better behaved for her next time.

needless to say, i wasn't able to snap any pictures while we were there. so here is a picture of him earlier today eating lunch.....

(i know his foot should not be on his highchair like this. i don't know why he's started doing this, but he hasn't been wanting to eat all that much lately - again, too much to do and see - so i let it go. just picking my battles!)

and here is a picture of him (about 3 pounds lighter and 4 inches shorter!) tonight.....

i know it's not the greatest picture, but it's all i got! i'll get better ones up soon!

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