July 8, 2009

chapter one

well now you know why we're here, so let's get to the good stuff!

let's start off with a pic of my two favorite men boys.

we have been enjoying our hot, hot, hot summer thus far. Bobby has been working more nights lately, which has given us a lot of quality daddy-time during the day. we've been able to spend some fun, leisurely days at home together, which has been wonderful. Caleb thinks that his daddy is incredibly silly, and i love watching them play together and listening to all the giggles.

today i visited my good friend, Shawna, at the hospital. she just gave birth to her third boy. that's right, numero tres (the others are age 2 and 4)! she and i are about the same age and have been married about the same amount of time, yet they have two children more than we do. that completely blows my mind! i thought we were busy! anyways, the baby was precious, of course, and she seemed to be doing great. she's a wonderful mom, i just wish we lived closer together so we could see more of them.

seeing her newborn was yet another reminder.....

.....of how not-newborn Caleb is.

my baby boy is very much a toddler and is into everything to prove it! just when i think we have the house completely baby-proofed, he will find something else to show me that it most certainly is not. it's hard for me as a (pre-mommy-days) designer to let go of my decorations and accessories only to make room for the countless primary-colored plastic toys, but i am adjusting, and it is well worth the sacrifice!

when i got back home from the hospital, Caleb was in his highchair having his lunch.

let me tell you, when this little boy saw me, he gave me the sweetest hello that a mommy could ask for. i got smiles, squeals, clapping, kicking - you name it, i got it! i see daddy get these kinds of hellos all the time, but since i'm usually around, i don't get them as often. well, it most certainly did my heart good!

ok - I hear my pillow calling my name.

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