July 6, 2009

the beginning

ever since i became a stay-at-home mommy, i have been introduced to this whole blogging-world. while at first, i found it a little odd, i have since discovered that it can be a wonderful way to connect. i have been introduced to other christian moms who i might never have actually "met" otherwise. i'm also thinking that it will be wonderful way to stay updated with our family and friends who we don't get to see a lot. but the best part for me, is that this can become an online scrapbook of our family. i hope that we can look back on this, and see so many of our wonderful memories blogged away!

so all that to say - here is our family blog!


  1. Welcome to the blog world!! I know you're gonna love it and I'm glad I have a new blog to check out during my blog time! It will be great to see and hear all the stuff you all have going on...even though I see you fairly often.

    I'll be checking in. love you!

  2. I agree that the whole blog thing was weird at first. I thought who has to share their life like this? Ate those words, for sure. Welcome and I'll be stopping back by.


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