July 24, 2009

five years!

five years ago today, this man made me one very happy lady when he made me his wife.

today i'm reflecting on our married life thus far, and i find myself in disbelief that we can already be five years in. (there really must be a different clock keeping time when we're adults than there was when we were kids.) God has truly blessed me with a wonderful husband.

*photo credit Jennifer Dunaway Photography*

i've been told that you discover a new love for your spouse after you have children, and i have found that to definitely be true. i always knew that Bobby would be a great daddy one day, but actually seeing him with our baby boy has been more amazing than i could have ever imagined. all of the love, patience, and gentleness that he has always shown me has simply rolled onto Caleb as well, and if it's possible, i love him even more for it.

our life together has definitely had some low points, but it has gotten us to where we are today, and for that, i am grateful.

so today i thank the Lord for giving me my husband, and for blessing our marriage every day. and for making our lives even more rich with our little man!


  1. great picture. what a beautiful baby!

  2. Awesome! You are blessed and so is Bobby and Caleb for having such a great woman in their lives. Always keep looking up!


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