December 14, 2014

on the fifth day of christmas {traditions}

Ok, so we've talked about the music, the decorating, Advent, and Christmas books.  There's just a few more traditions that we do every year.

We give the kiddos a new ornament every year.  On Christmas morning, after we go through our stockings, the first gift that they get to open is their new ornament, and then they get to go hang it on the tree.  One very, very, very distant day from now, when they have their own homes and their own trees, they can take all of their ornaments with them and they will have the beginnings of their own ornament collections.

We also build gingerbread houses every year. Nothing unusual about this tradition - it's just something fun that we always enjoy doing together. 

And of course, we always take a little visit to see Santa.  We try to not make too big of a deal about Santa around here, but going to see him every year always makes for a fun time.  And the pictures of the kids with him are some of my absolute favorites.

We used to just go to the mall to see him, but last year we went to Cheekwood and made a whole day of it.  There were so many other things to do there as well, and we really had a wonderful time.  We decided that it needed to be a new tradition, and we are planning our visit for this year soon!

So those are our Christmas traditions!  There are some other small things that we do, but these are the big ones that make up our season.  Christmas is such a magical time, and I hope that these traditions are helping to build up a little bank full of memories for my precious family.

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