December 6, 2014

according to instagram: november edition

It's time for another instagram round-up!  I really love how taking a quick picture on my phone helps to keep up with some of our everyday happenings.  There's so many times when I don't want to get out the big camera, or I don't have it with me, so I'm thankful for such an easy way to still be able to capture these moments.  

pumpkin patch visit | grocery shopping with my girl | free tickets means first nfl game for the kiddos 

happy halloween! | birthday invitations in the making | when did they grow up?

making pumpkin bread again | caleb loves to look at the moon | saturday morning selfie

she's four! | checking the nutcracker's temp | another tooth lost

thanksgiving lunch at school | brown paper packages | snow flurries made her bundle up for breakfast

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