January 4, 2014

getting ready for christmas

Christmas seemed to sneak up on us more than ever this year - I guess because Thanksgiving came so late this year. But, we still found time to fit in everything that has come to be tradition for us.  We decorated the tree together, and I managed to look much calmer than I actually was since almost all of our ornaments are breakable and little hands just don't understand that!

We also decorated our gingerbread houses together.  Bobby was such a trooper - he had a huge migraine that day but he put on some sunglasses and a smile so he could be there with us.  He just wouldn't let me take any pictures of him in his shades!  We are really hoping to get those darn migraines under control this year!

The kids and I did a lot of other Christmas crafts and coloring like we always do.  I love how much they enjoy doing all of that with me.  We also love reading all of our Christmas books together.  We have built up a nice little Christmas library, so every year we wrap all of our books and put them in a basket.  We open one each night in December and read it by the tree.  That has definitely become one of the kid's favorite yearly traditions.

|at his school christmas party|

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