January 6, 2014

christmas morning

|eating granmommy's cinnamon rolls.  i think she likes them|

Christmas was pretty wonderful this year.  I think the kids are at such fun ages and their excitement and happiness is just contagious.  But I will say that it is a lot of work for us parents, and there's a jolly old guy that gets all the credit!

Caleb woke up on Christmas morning at 4:46.  Yeah.  So he had a lot of time to kill while he waited for the rest of us to get up and going!  First thing we did was all pile up in our bed and read the Advent book together.  This was our first year to read it, but it will definitely be a tradition from now on.  I absolutely loved this book and the kids did too.

Before the kids tore into their gifts, they opened up their stockings and their new Christmas ornaments.  Every year we give them a new ornament that they get to hang on the tree on Christmas morning.  One day, when they are 40 and they move out, they will get to take all of their ornaments with them to hang on their own trees.  Another favorite tradition of mine, and I'm hoping it will be special to them one day.

Caleb was so animated this year while opening presents.  After almost every one his jaw would drop and he would exclaim, "I can't believe it!  That is the coolest thing I've ever seen!".  Makayla was much more calm through it all - I think she takes after her momma!

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