January 10, 2014

christmas brunch

We hosted Christmas brunch with Bobby's side a few days after Christmas.  Bobby did most of the cooking and it was so, so yummy - he did such a great job!  We had a blast putting together the Bloody Mary bar, and then we had a blast drinking from the Bloody Mary bar!  It was a big hit.  

I love how much fun the kids have together as they are all getting older.  Caleb and Makayla ask about their cousins all the time, and when they know that they are coming over to play it is all they can talk about.  The boys are all close in age, so they are all into the same things, which makes it easy!  Trains have taken a back seat, and the current interest of choice is superheroes.  

And don't worry too much about Makayla - she doesn't mind at all that she's the youngest or that she's the only girl.  She jumps right in there and tries to call all the shots!

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