September 1, 2015

meal plan tuesday 9/1/15

Is it seriously September already?  I tell you, August just flew by at our house!  We are more than ready for some fall weather around here, and I am definitely ready for some fall-weather cooking. Give me pumpkin everything!

Week One

This one never happened, y'all.  I don't even remember now what happened to make this day so crazy, but I think I just threw some quesadillas on a plate for the kids and called it a night!  This looks so good though, so I will definitely be making it soon!

Tuesday - Family Dinner

We really liked this.  I served it with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, chopped cilantro, and sour cream on top.

I've never heard of Winger's, but these were so easy, and so good!  I was afraid they would be too spicy, so I left the sauce off of Makayla's, and she gobbled them up.  We ate them with a regular ol' side salad.  I can see these becoming a go-to meal for me when I need something simple and quick.

Friday - Fish Tacos
Bobby made fish tacos for us with grilled Mahi.  This is one of our favorite meals to make during the summer, for sure!

Saturday - BBQ Chicken
Another grill night!  And what goes better with barbecue chicken than a loaded baked potato and corn-on-the-cob?!!

Sunday - Leftovers

Week Two

Ok, so this one never happened either!  Apparently, ever since school started back, I just cannot get my act together on Mondays!

Tuesday - Family Dinner

Wednesday - Chicken Fried Rice
I don't really follow a recipe for this, but this one looks like a good one.

Thursday - Balsamic Salmon
I've made this before and it is excellent!  Although I must say, I love almost anything with balsamic vinegar!

Friday - Leftovers

Saturday - Hamburgers

Sunday - Pizza Night

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