June 20, 2014

school is out

School's been out for a few weeks now, and we are really enjoying the summer so far.  May was one heck of a busy month - I guess when you have a school-aged kiddo that it just goes with the territory!  We made it through a field trip to the zoo, Muffins with Mom, Doughnuts with Dad, Field Day, and Awards Day.  Caleb got the Spunky Spirit Award.  No surprise there!  Our boy is most definitely spunky!  He also got a third place ribbon for his artwork, which he was super excited about.

I mentioned way back here about how nervous we were about kindergarten for our boy and what a big decision it was for us.  We knew he would likely be fine academically, but we were concerned about some social aspects and maturity issues.  We debated a lot about doing another year of pre-k or moving ahead to kindergarten, but kindergarten ultimately won out.  Well, Caleb absolutely rocked this year! We are so proud of our boy and so thankful for the work that God is doing in him.  It has been pretty remarkable to see his progress and how much he has changed and grown.  

Next up.....first grade!

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