June 1, 2014

strawberry picking

The kids and I went strawberry picking yesterday with my mom and my grandmother. I have been wanting to take them, but life has just been so dang busy! Strawberry season is just about over here, so I'm really glad we made it in time! It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun too! We all filled up our buckets and headed inside while my grandmother stayed out there and kept picking. We finally had to drag her away - I think she would have stayed out there all day if we had let her!

Today, after church, we went to my parent's house and we made pancakes with strawberries on top for brunch, and then my mom and I made a big batch of strawberry jam. We used the Barefoot Contessa's recipe, which is so, so good.  (We did cut back on the amount of sugar it called for.)  I'm going to bet that it won't last too long!

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