November 22, 2013

she is three

|i love Caleb's face in this|
|daddy putting on some lipstick while he gets his blood pressure checked.  this picture|
|Batman made an appearance about halfway through and decided to stick around for awhile|

Yes, she went and turned three on us last week.  We had a wonderful little celebration for her with some family and it was so much fun to watch her this year.  She definitely realized that we were all there for her and that she was the star of the day.  Big brother was so happy for her - he loved watching her open her gifts and was more excited than she was half the time.  

The kids immediately began to perform check-ups on us with her new doctor's kit.  Makayla took Bobby's blood pressure and told him that it was 3.  She said that he needed to sit down for the rest of the day and watch football, but I'm pretty sure that idea was not entirely her own.  


My sweet baby girl,

You are three! You weren't too excited about three at first, you kept telling us "No, I just want to be two. I just like two!" But you've come around and have embraced your threeness! 

You are such a sweet little girl and are such a joy to be around! You are very smart and bright - it makes you seem much older than you really are. You love to talk all the time - you know all sorts of words and sayings that I'm sure we never taught you but you have just picked up along the way. Lately, if you don't know a word we say you will ask us what it means and you are not satisfied until you understand it completely.  You are very feisty and a bit stubborn, which can be quite exhausting at times for your daddy and me, but we know that these traits are giftings from God and can be great attributes as you continue to grow.  You are a wonderful leader and like to be the "mama hen" of the group.  This gets a little sticky with your brother at times - you all are either getting along well or fighting just as well!  But it's obvious that the two of you adore each other and have that special bond that only siblings can have.  You love to sing and dance and are incredibly silly - you keep us laughing all the time.

I am sure that I don't deserve to be your mommy, but I sure am grateful that God chose me to be anyways.  

I love you bunches and bunches!


Happy birthday baby girl!

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