November 13, 2013

they cancelled halloween

So one of our traditions every year has been to paint pumpkins.  The kids look forward to it and this year was no exception.  This time we had some friends over and the kids all painted together.  We had so much fun and I'm thinking we'll have to do that again next year.

Our Halloween night was a little bit different this year.  They were predicting some pretty crazy weather, so they actually called off trick-or-treating and scheduled it for the next night.  Well, we have a certain 5-year-old who was not gonna let that fly.  We decided we would just have our own fun instead!  We headed over to my parent's house and had a big chili and cornbread dinner - the perfect dinner for a stormy night as far as I'm concerned!  Then we sent the kids on a little scavenger hunt.  I made up a treasure map for them, and they had so much fun looking at the clues and finding their little goodies together.  

The night turned out to be a lot of fun, and I don't think they missed the actual trick-or-treating at all!  

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